About Me

Riccardo Tramma


Born in Rome where I studied and graduated as Engineer.
I live in Scotland where I currently work at Aion Entertainment Ltd.

The latest game we released is Hungry Chicken Run available for FREE

Hungry Chicken Run


Another previous games I worked on is ABPop, done by Outplay in collaboration with Rovio:

Angry Birds Stella Pop!

I developed in many fields, including Robotics (AIBO) and Games.
The most recent studies in robotics include the certificates:


I like code clean and clear with functional and robust software architecture.

I love exploring, studying and experimenting in many field, including music, origami, electronics, art, physics, AI, robotics, graphics, math.

This blog is mainly used to explore and explain (generally in depth) disparate topics (mainly related to coding) that I found interesting and generally are not easily available online in a form that allows to understand them in a clear and precise way.